The NV231 T-case torn apart

The Tom Woods CV driveshaftThe oil pump inside the NV231 case

Just a temporary support so I could move the Wrangler all the way back into the garage. I used a piece of 2"x2"x1/4" steel tube between the frame and the body and a couple of allen wrenches in the top holes of the tranny adapter. That way I could just roll the Jeep back into the garage, rather than trying to figure out some other's nice to have a small supply of steel on hand! I put the front driveshaft on a jackstand to allow for the roll back into the can see the T-case end of it in the lower left-hand part of this picture. That way there was no damage to the U-joint sliding across the floor of the garage, I just let the shaft slide on the jack-stand.


Just case views from the inside with the new output shaft.The new rear output cover and seal.Here's the original output shaft with the original roller bearings that need to be removed to allow

for the new output shaft to fit into the main gear...this is the new style.


Instructions showing the different shafts...with and without the needle bearings.


New output installedNew speedo gearBack in theWranglerThe new driveshaft and the eliminator kit installed