Welcome to my personal page

It all started way back in July 1954...well actually about nine months before that. I spent the first ten years of my life in Whitmore Lake, Michigan then moved to Ann Arbor, Michigan. I still call that home..I was actually born in Ann Arbor. I love it! The UofM football games the UofM hockey, what a great place. I went to Slauson Jr High and both high schools there, Pioneer High and Huron High. I love the sciences and Graphic Arts. I got a great dose of both there in all those schools.

I started my printing career there at Slauson Jr High in the 8th grade. Mr Yeakel was my drafting teacher, and he taught this thing called Graphic Arts. I had a study hall that I didn't want ( already had 2 of them, I set up science experiments for the science department during both of them) That's when I say this thing called Graphic Arts on the class enrollment sheet. I talked to Mr Yeakel about it and thought it sounded like fun. So I took the class and fell in love with all the cool things in the print shop. Mr Yeakel hired me for that summer. We printed all kinds of things for the school system all summer long! I think I got paid $2.80 an hour or something close to it. That was a small fortune to me..better than the paper routes I had! But I really didn't care about the money, I just really like to work on all the machines, from cameras to typesetters to letter presses to offset presses. The shop had a Heidelberg Windmill and a C&P hand fed platen as well as a little 11x17 Chief Offset single color press. We had foundry type and the "new fangled" cold type set on a crude little typesetter that set type photographically and printed on a small roll of photographic paper. It would come out in strips and you would have to cut and paste the strips together to make a page then shoot that in the process camera. It was a lot of fun. I worked there through-out the following year and then went on to high school where the only Graphics programs were going to be at the new high school that wasn't even built yet. When it was finally built a small group of us, I think there were seven of us, got bused over to Huron High for the graphic arts programs. It was a lot of fun. We learned some more about printing and saw a few of our old friends that we didn't see anymore at Pioneer. I was working at a place called Kramer Printing all thru high school, I moved on to other places like Advertisers Publishing Company, what a cool place that was. The owner was a cool old dude! He was a tight wad but was quite wealthy they say. I heard the story of him having their wood burning stove converted to gas because he didn't want to pay for a new stove for his wife to cook on! I don't know if there was any truth to any of those stories, but he certainly was a very smart man and very creative as well. He was a lawyer, he had degrees from several schools, I can't remember now which ones, but I think there was an ivy league school diploma up on that wall in his office. I had asked him one time about his law degrees and he told me how he had put himself thru college with door to door sales. He realized that he wouldn't make as much money being a lawyer as he would be able to make as a salesman, that's why he wasn't practicing law and had this cool little company. The company was in an old school house. I printed just about everything under the sun while I was there, globes, calendars,watches,watch calendars,cork coasters, spatulas,baggies,paper bags, paper,steel, pens and pencils I made rubber stamps set type and printed all letter press...no offset. I left there, he didn't want to give me a raise, I'd been there 2+years without a raise but he and other people around there gave me all kinds of praise on doing such a great job. He was so pleased with what I had accomplished but didn't feel that it was worth a raise. So I went on...it was really funny tho..he gave me a raise on my last check and retro'ed it for the last six months! I told him I was glad to have known him. I went back once in a while to see him and do some printing. He would call and ask for help sometimes. I went on to larger printers after that. My first experience was at Cushing-Malloy, I went from there to Braun-Brumfield,Thompson-Shore and McNaughton-Gunn. Great places to work all of them. I eventually ended up working on the north side of Detroit at Caldwell Printing in, this was fun. I drove (rode the motorcycle during good weather) 100 miles each way! I'd gotten married previous to this job and we were living in the Irish Hills at the time. We were looking for a house in the Detroit area when we decided to move to Tucson, AZ. What a difference that was! I came from working on the best equipment to going back in the stone-age! I stayed in Tucson ever since. We moved here in 1984. Got divorced in 1988 and that's about that to the present time.

Coming to Tucson was quite a culture shock to say the least. Low pay, old worn out equipment, no benefits, or very few and I met people that carried pistols with them everywhere they went. I also met this crazy bunch of people that drive over, on, around and even sometimes thru all these rocks in the mountains out here. It's been a blast. I love guns, I own too many (if that's possible...never!) I reload my own ammo and I love to 4wheel. As you can see from the pictures on the main page of my website, there's just a little bit of that going on there.

The 21st Century saw me baptised properly. I had been baptised as an adult in the Episcopalian church with the sprinkle technique. After study of the bible I realized that was not biblical. So I got baptised by submersion in water.

Thanks God!